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My current role is Solution Architect for Service Management Domain at Micro Focus for large Federal Government Projects.


  • Sentiment Analysis of Stocktwits in Python for ANU Finance researchers, 4 academic papers published to top 6 accounting journal referenced and acknowledge the code.
  • Micro Focus FY22 Q1 Professional Service Recognition Program Winner
  • Telstra Excellence Award FY19
  • Telstra Group Executive Award FY19
  • Full score 5/5 in Telstra Annual Performance review for 3 Years.
  • HPE recognition for efforts and professionalism that double the Services Footprint within the ALU (Nokia) Account for Software Service.
  • Received more than 83 Telstra Appreciate (Recognitions) in 3 Years.
  • Chatbot integrated with HPSM in Python, become trending topic in #chatbot on linkedin
  • Developed Python Libraries for Telstra Next Gen SDN project DIN for SM9 to communicate with Ansible on AWS environment.
  • Recognition for number of Milestone Telstra JP2047 Projects, including E137, TS19, GSUR etc.
  • Fujitsu Star reward


System down, my responsibility, whatever the reason is.
Keep the system up, whatever it takes.


Telstra Appreciate/Recognitions


ITSM Projects


Years Of Experience


Hard Worker



Personal Projects

Arduino Robot for robotcup100%
Robot with pixycam on Arduino 90%
Chatbot integrated with HPSM 75%
Chatbot with API to Google and Learning 75%
Reminder System 90%
Security Robot 55%


My current role is Solution Architect at Micro Focus for multiple large Federal Government Projects.

Download Chen Chen's Full CV below:

Chen Chen's CV Chen's CV


Master of Data Science, AI and Computational Modelling


University of Canberra, Australia

Bachelor of Information Technology


University of Canberra, Australia

Diploma of Computer management Information


Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China


ITOM-CMS Certified Presales Engineer

2022 | Micro Focus

Implementing DevOps

2020 | SoftEd

Foundation of DevOps

2020 | SoftEd

ITIL V3 Foundation Certificate in ITSM

2014 | AXELOS Global Best Practice

Python for Engineers

2018 | Python Charmers

Implementing a Data Warehouse with Microsoft SQL Server

2014 | Microsoft - 20463

Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012

2013 | Microsoft - 10774

Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Databases

2013 | Microsoft - 10775

HP ATP Cloud Service Automation CSA 4.x

2015 | Hewlett Packard Enterprise

HP Service Manager 9.3x Advanced

2015 | Hewlett Packard Enterprise

HP Service Manager 9.4x Advanced

2015 | Hewlett Packard Enterprise

HP UCMDB 10.x Administration

2015 | Hewlett Packard Enterprise

SM-uCMDB Integration

2015 | Hewlett Packard Enterprise

ITOM-CMS Certified Presales Engineer

2022 | Micro Focus

Agile Scrum Master

2017 | Fujitsu

Professional Experience

Solution Architect

2021 - Current

Micro Focus Australia Limited

  • Winner for Q1 FY22 Professional Service Recognition Program
  • Resolved long-standing complex problem in Application and Database performance for Nokia/Optus project
  • Resolved long-standing problem in Application Smart Search Indexing for DAWE project
  • Developed and setup AWS environment for DAWE project, the environment has been used as Development environment that allows local and Offshore resources to work together on project deliverables
  • Developed, prepared milestone packages in short period time for DAWE ITSM Project, ensured the deliverables are met in agreed timeline.
  • Setup AWS environment for Fortify project POC, Fortify is Machine learning enabled application that support Software Security Assurance.
  • Developed Python script for migrate different type of documents.
  • Current undertaking the preparation for the AWS Cloud Solution Architect (Associate) Certification.

Technical Domain Lead & LOB SRE Lead

2017 - 2021

Telstra Corporation Limited

  • 5/5 in Telstra Annual Performance review
  • Telstra Excellence Award FY19
  • Telstra Group Executive Award FY19
  • Received more than 60 Telstra Appreciate (Recognitions).
  • Developed Auto-Fixes in DataStage and Service Manager, with Python and JavaScript, improved daily operation effectiveness and helped project passed number of milestone demonstration and testing.
        a. Auto-Fix that automatically check scheduled ETL jobs and reset failed job, automatically send email notification about job status and number of url availability to stakeholders. (use to be manual daily action)
        b. Auto-fix that automatically fix CI relationships according to CI taxonomy in SM, workaround for a known issue, reduced incidents about CI relationships from 10-15 /day to 1-2 / week
        c. Auto-fix that automatically create SLOs base on pre-defined condition and parameters. (use to be manual process)
        d. Auto-fix that fixing auto-incidents contains invalid CI and not add to toDo queue (workaround for 2 defects, helped with number of Defence Demo)
        e. Created Support Bot that action Incidents assigned to the Assignment Group using published Instructions. (Learning function in beta)
  • Automate daily check, reduced daily check for reporting and SM stream from half day to two hours.

Senior Application Specialist

2016 - 2017

Fujitsu Australia Limited

  • Created the Release process for CSIs and Bugfixes.
  • Completed 9 Releases in 7 months, including:
        1. Developed 32 solutions to fulfil CSI requirements.
        2. Developed 24 bug fixes for Problems and Complex Incidents.
  • Standardized the documents and created process for document handling in the team.
  • Developed Admin tool that enabled assurance team able to perform complex fixes, improved efficiency of BAU tasks.
  • Reviewed and updated the Database Refresh process
  • Provided timely, specialist advice to multiple Major incidents and been the main person resolved major incidents within SLA.
  • Created common error reference guide that improved troubleshooting efficiency of support team.
  • Took on support for Web Service Event Handler in short period of time, created procedure for daily health check, built up common error reference base, resolved number of WSEH related incidents, which has reduced Negative Ack from average 400/day to 50 /day.

For more info, please download Chen Chen's Full CV:
Chen Chen's CV


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Paper 1


Cert 2


Cert Python


App 3


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Excellence Awards


Web 3



Services including but not limited to:

Javascript | Python | R | C | C# | Arduino | TSQL | RAD

AI & Machine Learning

Python consultation
Sentiment Analysis with NLTK
Computer vision with openCV, Tensorflow
Chat bot with Python

Javascript | Python | R | C | C# | Arduino | TSQL | RAD

Robotics & STEM Education

Raspberry Pi robots
Arduino robots
Sytar Series Robots

Javascript | Python | R | C | C# | Arduino | TSQL | RAD

Specialized Programming Language

Javascript | Python | R | C & C# | Arduino | TSQL | RAD |

Javascript | Python | R | C | C# | Arduino | TSQL | RAD

ITSM Consultation

HP Service Manager 9.X and BP4SM
HP Operation Orchestration 10.X (HPOO)
Cloud Service Automation (CSA)
HP Universal Configuration Management Database (uCMDB)
Web services
HP Service Manager 7.x

Javascript | Python | R | C | C# | Arduino | TSQL | RAD

Database & DWH Solution

Cognos & DataStage
Microsoft SQL Server Always On Failover Clustering
Database Mirroring
Database refresh
Data Extraction
Database hardening
Windows Server Failover Clustering
DWH with DB2



Canberra, Australia


+61 423 677 988

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